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Funk The Revolution is a unique four piece, London based function band playing an array of soul/funk classics as well popular current music. This is a party band with a lot of charisma and energy looking to bring your guests to the dance floor and keeping them boogying throughout the night.

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Standard Wedding Service

Our standard service includes all the essentials you'll need for an amazing party. It's designed to minimise costs by including everything you'll need for a 'normal' size wedding or party, the key to this is that we can play an event as a four piece band using backing tracks saving you the cost of any additional musicians required to give you a full 7 piece band experience.

  • Arrive from 6pm, set up by 7.30pm
  • Perform a first dance request
  • Perform two sixty minute sets of live party music, finishing by midnight
  • Background music before, between and after our live sets up until midnight
  • iPod music for an additional 30 to 40min whilst band pack up equiptment
  • Very high quality PA & lighting provided, suitable for audiences of up to 300 people


Additional Upgrade Options

We also offer the following additional upgrade options:

  • Additional Male Lead Singer
  • 3 Piece Brass Section (with Sax, Trumpet and Trombone)
  • 2 Piece Brass Section (with Trumpet and Sax)
  • Keyboard Player
  • 60 Min Acoustic Jazz Trio (1 x 60 minutes set with guitar, vocals & cajon)
  • Pre-5pm early arrival
  • Additional hour of live band music £80 per member
  • Additional hour of iPod music £100
Call 0845 226 3116
or click here to email
Call 0845 226 3116
or click here to email


Questions or Concerns


Once you’ve decided we’re the right band for your event, you will have a dedicated event coordinator at our agency Alive Network who will be on hand to liaise with you on any issues, questions or concerns. We’ll be in touch around 3 weeks before your event to run through the details and finalise any last minute arrangements.


What We'll Do At Your Wedding


Arrival, Set Up & Soundcheck

Arrival time for this type of event is a very important factor, depending on the venue we need to assure at least a 90 minute set up and souncheck time for the band.


After Set Up

The band will have their meal if it’s ready and get dressed for the occasion also liaise with the client/event organiser to make sure they’re happy with the set up, lights and volume. With regards to the meal the band are also happy to eat between their 1st and 2nd set interval.


1st Live Set

The 1st set is 60 minutes of designed to warm up the crowd and get them up dancing. Between the interval of the 1st and 2nd set there will be a DJ set played via an IPod, band are happy to provide the music or the client can bring their own.


2nd Live Set & End Of The Night

The band will save the best till last understanding the guests would be more willing by this point to get on the dance floor, the band saves the best floor stompers for last. At the end of the 2nd set the band will be happy to play music through their PA system until they pack up their instruments first and then they would have to pack up the PA. (This would add additional 30 to 40minutes IPod music for the client at no extra cost)


If you have any other questions or would like to discuss things with us in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch with our agent, Nick 0845 226 3177, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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